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    Sato Yamamoto is a Japanese artist inspired by culture and diversity. Her unique style includes advanced printmaking and paper-making skills, that she perfected during her time in New York. Growing up in Japan, Sato used watercolors and acrylics to create brush drawing for the scenic own world. Upon moving to The United States, she noticed the vast diversity and fell in love with the multicultural tones of the city. New York changed her perspective of artistry; she attended the School of Visual Arts and began learning abstract printmaking techniques. Later, she was enrolled in Dieu Donné papermill at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and, as an admin intern, she learned handmade paper-making techniques. Her skills gained notice and in 2018, Sato was honored with an invitation to the Awagami Paper Factory in Tokushima, Japan to learn the art of traditional Japanese Washi paper-making.

    Throughout her travels, Sato has grown tremendously, further developing her craft with the heart of her artwork based on diversity. She moved to New York with hopes of being a pioneer in her craft and returned to Japan as a respected and appreciated artist. Her artwork rises above the boundaries of discrimination to connect viewers from all backgrounds and she hopes to inspire them to embrace uniqueness and multi-cultural experiences.

  • Press

    Spotlight on Agora Artist: Satoco Yamamoto, 2018

    "May I have Coffee?"

    Publisher : Sankeisha, Japan

    Children's book publication in 2019​

    "Wizard in NY"

    Publisher : Sankeisha, Japan

    Children's book publication in 2018

    Professional Artist Network page

    Speedball Art Products

    The editorial "Travel"

    An article of Awagami factory residency

    Shukan NY Seikatsu July 7th, 2018


    Agora Reception Opening Reception - May 24th 2018

    Published Shukan NY Seikatsu, October 1st 2016

    Published Shukan NY Seikatsu, February 18th 2017

    Published Shukan NY Seikatsu, July 23rd 2016

  • Works


    "ART Maze Magazine" winter issue 16 in London, UK

    "Postcards From The Edge" Visual AIDS


    Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, MD

    George Billis Gallery “NYC Summer Invitational” NY

    MutualArt article

    DaVinci Supply “Spring Floral 2 Show” NY

    White Space Chelsea, NY

    Awagami factory Japanese papermaking program with University of Wisconsin students in Tokushima, Japan

    “Lil’ Radicals : Children’s Book Exhibition “ Booklyn

    “Postcard From The Edge” Visula AIDS

    Building Power : A Benefit for VOCAL and Young Center

    Second Japanese children's book "May I have coffee?" publication, Japan


    DaVinci Art Supply presents“Ogawa Washi” Japanese papermaking lecture

    IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair

    Baltimore Antique Show

    "Life is But a Dream" Agora gallery, NY

    Artsy, NYAB, ARTFIXdaily, ART forum MutualArt

    "Invited Artist" Awagami factory in Tokushima, Japan


    First Japanese Children's book publication, Japan

    "ARTexpo" NY

    "Professional Artist Page" Speedball Art Products

    "Affordable Art Fair" NY

    Los Angeles Fine Print Fair, LA

    The San Francisco Fine Print Fair, CA

    Agora Gallery website "ARTmine"


    "Affordable Art Fair" NY

    JAANY group show at Tenri gallery, NY

    "Chicago Antiques + Art + Design Show" IL

    Group show at Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery NY

    Published solo interview on Japanese newspaper, Shukan NY Seikatsu

    “Blending Boundaries” self-organized group show at Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea, NY


    “Friends and students of Bruce Waldman, Patricia J. Wynne and Meceo Mitchell” Mehu Gallery, NY

    Published artist solo interview on newspaper, “Shukan NY Seikatsu”

    “Japan Illustrator Association’s Group Show” Creation Gallery Nihonbashi Hakozaki in Tokyo, Japan

    “Design Project Help Japan” the School of Visual Arts International Office, NY

    Received the prize for Japan Illustrator Association Illustration Award

    The group show at School of Visual Arts International office

    " Beyond Space " K&P Gallery, NY

    Press released Shukan NY Seikatsu, Korea Daily and New York Art Beat

    The group show at K&P Gallery, NY

    Press released Japan Woman's University Jyukyo.net

    The group exhibition at the Davis Gallery at Sawtooth School for Visual Arts in Winston-Salem, NC

    Speedball desplayed her printmaking work at Southern Graphic Council International printmaking conference in Portland, US

    Received the prize at U.S. printmaking competition, NEW IMPRESSIONS produced by Speedball Art

    The group show " Tama Art University Almnus & Friends in NJ" at Fort Lee library


    Cover Illustration for novel "Moon Ⅱ" written by Midori Goto

    Press released Amazon USA and Amazon Europe

    "Sora Miagetara, Looking Out at the World Exhibition" solo art show at Concentrate General of Japan in NYC

    Press released on newspaper Yomitime, DAILYSUN NY, Weekly Biz and Shukan NY Seikatsu, NYARTBEAT and Japan Woman's University Jyukyo.net


    Illustration work for Enoshima station and Kamakura Prince Hotel, Japan


    Designed the character “Morino Ko Michi” for the charity bathroom tissue produced by Marutomi Seishi Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the non-profit organization POINT GREEN


    Illustration work for magazine "Mapple Yokohama"


    "Sora Miagetara the charity solo exhibition for the Great East Japan Earthquake " at Paiyaki-sabo gallery in Setagaya, Japan


    Illsutration works for ARTBOX, Hotel Otowanomori and Sala Karuizawa Hotel at Karuizawa, Japan

    "The Satoco Yamamoto's first exhibition" at gallery CAFE10 in Takanawa, Minatoku, Japan

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